Personal Savings Accounts

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Opening a savings account is an important step toward financial health. One South Bank offers two types of savings accounts to meet your financial needs. A savings account allows you to put money aside and accrue interest over time, but your money will be available to you when you need it.

Savings accounts from One South Bank have low fees and numerous benefits. We recommend opening a savings account as an easy way to set and keep financial goals. For more information, stop by your local branch. Our financial experts are ready to assist you.

Classic Savings Accounts

If you enjoy the convenience of traditional savings, the Classic Savings account is for you. This savings account features flexible deposits and withdrawals, as well as a low minimum balance.

  • $100 minimum to open
  • $5 service charge if average daily balance falls below $100
  • Withdrawals are limited to three per quarter
  • $5 debit item charge per withdrawal exceeding three per quarter
  • Earn interest quarterly, interest compounded and credited quarterly
  • Must maintain $100 average daily balance to earn interest

Christmas Club Savings Accounts

Save now for next Christmas. Our Christmas Club Savings account allows regular deposits to build up your Christmas shopping funds. This account is a great way to create financial goals that are easy to keep.

  • $5 minimum to open
  • Unlimited deposits can be made
  • October 31st a check will be disbursed
  • Interest rate will be variable and paid at maturity
  • Maintain a minimum of $25 to earn interest on the account